About Us

SAMCO is, first and foremost, synonymous with reliability, perfection and revolutionary technologies and the result of the research of SAMFET’s dedicated team of highly qualified engineers.

Developed and designed entirely by SAMFET to meet the needs of the international market, each SAMCO coffee machine offers the following qualities:

  • Design – Unique and contemporary design: its elegant yet minimalist design allows it to harmonize with any décor;
  • Easy to use – Easy “no fuss” simple technology makes our machines easy to use and clean as well as universally compatible with ESE wafers or standard EP disposable capsules;
  • Price – Making an excellent cup of coffee at a competitive price is no longer a dream;
  • Eco-friendly – State-of-the-art and environmentally friendly: from 100% Italian know-how to its 100% dedication to the ecology. Thanks to the best technologies used for its operation, SAMCO capsules, combined with the SEMPLICITY and FANTASTICA models, are the very first implementation of the BIODè patent, designed to be biodegradable in less than 3 years.

The SAMCO capsules will complete the range of coffee machines by combining.

  • Taste – An authentic Italian Espresso coffee for true connoisseurs: the doses are offered in individually-packed wafers and capsules to ensure consistent quality of both taste and aroma thereby exalting the properties of the coffee without altering its true coffee taste;
  • Variety – a line of coffees composed of traditional aromas and modern blends that will satisfy every palate.