Coffee Table Plans – How I finally succeed building my coffee table

Hey James here,

If you’re looking for the best coffee table plans, than I’m glad you’ve found this website and I’m strongly suggest you keep reading because this my uncensored woodworking story.

The ups and downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my goal of building wooden furniture.

During the last year, I started to get interested in wooden furniture.

I and my wife started to search for wooden furniture to our home and garden. I’m talking about furniture such as cabinet, dresser, computer desk, shelves, bedroom’s bed and of course the item I wanted the most – coffee table.

I’ve started to ask myself: Can I capable of building some of this wooden furniture myself?

As I mention before, my biggest problem was my lack of experience. I didn’t know what woodworking tools I need, where to buy it and where to get the furniture plans.

I tried searching woodworking forums, talking with friends and find on the internet some descent woodworking plans. I gathered all the information and start to build my wife cabinet. I told myself that if it comes out just like it supposed to be and if my wife will be happy I’ll move on to work on my coffee table. The beginning was tough. The plans were awful and the cabinet was a failure. The materials and cut-list wasn’t at the right numbers, the instructions were hard to follow and I face dead-end.

Finally, one of my friends told me about a woodworking projects website, called woodworking4home, which contain thousands of woodworking plans. I have to admit that I was very skeptic, according to my previous experience with woodworking websites but I’ve realized that I have nothing to lose, so I decided give it a shot.

Today, one year later and after building by myself 9 wooden furniture (just to remind you, It’s just a hobby), I can tell this was the best action I could take. This website contains 14,000 woodworking plans of all kinds. Personally I was interested on the wooden furniture sections. After the success with the cabinet I moved on to the coffee table plans. It was much easier than I thought, especially consider it to be my second project.

Since then, I’ve build dog-house, mailbox, 3 shelves, desk and wooden clock.

The plans on this site are so friendly for the reader. Every section is clear and accurate. I had specific part list necessary for the project and detailed easy to follow step-by-step instruction.

Although there was one thing I didn’t like. The plans cost some money. I would rather to get them for free like at other sites but it compensate with it quality.

This is my story of woodworking for home. I hope you’ll find it helpful and maybe you could use this plans as well.

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