How to Organize a Coffee Station in Your Kitchen

Coffee is a staple in many people’s daily lives, but it can be an expensive habit to maintain if you’re someone who buys their coffee out regularly. This is proven by articles such as this one, which compares the costs of drinking a coffee made at home, versus one that was purchased at a coffee shop such as Starbucks. For those looking for a more economical and eco-friendly way to enjoy their daily brew, a homemade coffee may be the way to go. This article will explore the vital components of a good coffee station, using a handful of excellent resources and reviews. After reading this article, we suggest you check out a few others with similar topics, such as this one about the best ground coffee out there!

Four Key Components

Building your own at-home coffee bar is simpler than it may seem. It only requires a few simple components broken down into four sections: location, drinks/extras, dishware/appliances, and snacks. Naturally, the end result will be different for everyone, but this is just a guide of the essentials.

1)     Location

Finding the perfect location for your coffee bar is the best place to begin when planning your own at-home coffee bar. Many people suggest using an empty counter area, an extra cupboard, or even a rolling cart. Depending on your preferences and what options your home offers, any of these choices will make an excellent starting point. If you’re interested in the rolling cart option, Amazon could be a great place to begin looking, to give you an idea of the range of styles and prices available.

2)     Drinks and extras

As you might imagine, coffee is possibly the most essential component of any coffee station. Be it Keurig/Nespresso pods, whole coffee beans, or the classic ground coffee, be sure that it will enhance your morning. Test out a few brands and different flavors to discover your favorites, and don’t hesitate to check out online reviews such as this one to help guide your decision. You could even expand your bar to include tea or hot chocolate, which will appeal to those whose hot drink of choice isn’t coffee. Depending on your preferences, make sure you’ve also got sugar, milk/cream, or flavored syrups on hand to really enhance your coffee bar experience.

3)     Dishware/Appliances

Quality, aesthetically-pleasing dishware is essential to the perfect at-home coffee bar. No matter what your style is, be sure that you’ve got an adequate collection of mugs, cutlery, a sugar bowl, a creamer dish, and anything else you feel you may need. Be sure to also have your favorite method of brewing coffee on hand, be it a machine such as a Keurig, an espresso machine, or even a simple French press for ground coffee. If you prefer an espresso-based pod coffee machine, be sure to do your research to ensure that you buy a quality model. If your preference is to buy whole coffee beans, be sure that you also purchase a great coffee grinder. If you feel so inclined, your coffee bar set-up could also include a mini-fridge to keep your milk or cream of choice both cool and within arm’s reach!

4)     Snacks

No coffee bar is complete without some snacks! The most common ideas are things such as homemade baked goods, biscotti, granola bars, but don’t let that limit you. Keep the bar well-stocked with whichever snacks you prefer to pair with your morning brew, and easy to grab goodies for when you’ve got company over.


We hope that this article has provided you with better insight on how to build your own coffee bar. An at-home coffee bar is sure to be a wonderful addition to any home, and you shouldn’t feel limited to the ideas in this article. No two coffee bars are exactly the same, so let your creativity flow and make it your own. Not only will this help to curb your spending habits, but it can also provide your family and any guests with a delicious coffee at any time of the day! Keep in mind the four main components, and build your way up until you’re totally happy with the end result.

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